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Faith B

Rachel has done an incredible job working with my cow Howie.  He has improved so much with the energy work Rachel has done, she has also communicated helpful information to me from him and Sunday my pig.  It really does work wherever you are, Rachel is in England and I am in Australia!  Thank you, thank you!

Maurice S

Beautiful healing, I have been feeling burnt out and I received a Reiki session and energy balance. Wow it was of immense help, she cleared and balanced my chakras.  I felt like I was literally being lifted up, I felt so clear and energized. Thank you!

Siobhan E

Rachel was spot on with her diagnosis of what was physically bothering me from afar.  She couldn’t see me and she wasn’t previously briefed by me.  Her emotional diagnosis has also been spot on and I’m continuing the lifelong healing process of addressing that.  Rachel has an incredible intuitive talent and I would highly recommend her as a Holistic Therapist.  She is truly a rare gem.  I have also been poorly with my dear daughter this week and Rachel’s distance Reiki has been an actual lifesaver, from us being bed bound to functioning so much better and happily in the space of 12 hours.  Thank you Rachel.

Daisy the Chinchilla

The greatest gift is to be heard

Jet the Cat

We just want a peaceful and harmonious life

Isis the Cat

My goal is to help as many humans hear what Rachel hears

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