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Our Story

Grateful for every moment

Rachel has worked with many animals and people.  She has formed particular bonds with her team and would like you to meet them.  They have supported her unconditionally throughout her journey and training in Reiki, Animal Reiki and Animal Communication. She thanks them every day for their love, time and patience.  There are many more animals Rachel works with, the below have shown a particular interest in continuing their work with Rachel and helping others; they are healers and strong communicators.  

The Experts in their field

Jaffa is a rescue from Spain.  The moment she arrived she was the life of the party.  She has the biggest personality.  Jaffa is a very strong healer and often participates in healing work.

Patch is my handsome boy, he is the joker and always lightens any moment.  He is a good all rounder and always shows his support.  He has a very calm nature and has heled many people who had a fear of animals, particularly cats.

Daisy is part of my close friend Julie's family.  She has been an immense support to me and has shown a particular interest in being involved with communication.  She is a very wise girl and has shared much knowledge and is very keen to be on board.

Chilla is my wonderful friend who supported my journey before I was working holistically.  She was the one constant in my life at that time and I have eternal gratitude for her.  She is my rock and she is always with me.  Chilla is a very old soul and has much knowledge to share.

Isis is my main communicator.  She is very passionate about spreading the word about animals and their welfare.  She is always top of the list when assisting with communications.  She plays a key role when I am teaching other people animal communication.  She is very patient and has a strong motherly energy.

Meet The Team

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