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About Rachel

Rachel has always been an animal lover.  She has a long history of rescuing and rehabilitating animals.  She has worked with various charities fostering and rehoming unwanted animals.  Several years ago Rachel was researching and learned that communication with animals was possible.  She found a wonderful Animal Communicator and Teacher and attended various workshops to learn the skill for herself.  There were several lightbulb moments when Rachel received undisputable information and responses from her own and other peoples’ animals.  Rachel realized that her role was so much more, that animals need their own voice, they have so much knowledge and information they want to share.  Rachel wants as many animals to be heard and accepted for what and who they are and also for people to re-learn the gift of communication with them.  Rachel works with animals and people all over the world helping them have a deeper connection, understand each other, answer unanswered questions, resolve issues and ultimately live more harmoniously.     

Rachel is an animal reiki practitioner working with people and their animal family.   She has learned how Reiki can bring calm and balance while helping with physical, emotional and spiritual issues.  Rachel works with animals and people in the UK and Overseas.  

Rachel is a Reiki Master and also a spiritual energy worker using her Empathic, Clairvoyance and Clairsentience senses and healing from the spiritual realms which helps unblock, clear and balance the body, chakras and aura. 

Rachel's  aim is to bring healing and balance to as many people and animals as possible so they can unlock their true potential.

I love my work!

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