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About Rachel

Rachel started her holistic healer career doing animal communication and always having a love and passion for animals.  She had always been able to communicate with them but didn’t realise she could until attending classes and workshops. 

Rachel started her Reiki Services and became a Reiki practitioner, and spent several years learning, she progressed to become a Reiki Master and also learnt how to work with reiki and animals.  She learned how Reiki can bring calm and balance while helping with physical, emotional and spiritual issues.  Rachel has worked with clients and animals all over the world.  She continues to work with her animal team and they play an important part in her holistic work.

Rachel is also a spiritual energy worker using her Empathic, Clairvoyance and Clairsentience senses channeling messages and healing from the spiritual realms which helps unblock, clear and balance the body, chakras and aura. 

Rachel’s aim is to bring healing and balance to as many people and animals as possible so they can unlock their true potential.

This is not Rachel's work, it's her life.

Simply Listen, a voice for the animals.

Contact Rachel today at:

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